New Skin and Another Big Change!

Tuesday October 26th, 1999

The new skin is in the 10-26 builds. Visit our builds page to get the latest. I find myself not minding the whitespace around the sidebar's border as much as I expected I would. However, there is one issue that troubles me. When you move the sidebar's "splitter", instead of moving a "ghost" of the splitter, you move the splitter itself. the problem is that if you're expanding the sidebar, the splitter disengages from the top and bottom border of the sidebar, leaving a white gap. If you shrink the width of the sidebar, the splitter moves past the right edge of the top and bottom borders of the sidebar, and the effect is just as bad. The answer would be to either 1) expand and contract the sidebar in realtime as the splitter is moved (probably slow), or 2) manipulate a "ghost" of the splitter during resize, and when the mouse button is released, move the actual splitter and resize the sidebar.

The second bit of news is that they've made more changes to the "incremental reflow" of the rendering engine. Now, the page will start rendering content even before reaching closing tags. This means a dramatic decrease in the time taken to get content displayed, and it's a great benefit when loading pages with long lists of data. But I find the content shifting disconcerting (check out, and for examples if you have a 56k connection or slower), and the decrease in scrollbar responsiveness is vexing. Hopefully that will be working on these issues in the coming weeks leading up to the beta.

#7 first impressions

by Anon

Tuesday October 26th, 1999 7:56 PM

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Its a good skin. I still don't like the look but its functional and they finally got the disabled buttons with opacity: 0.5; going :)

The icons are okay but I can't figure out why some of them have circles around them and others only have the circles over them when I mouse over (Messenger). Some sort of grouping scheme although I don't see it right now. On second though it looks like anything to do with composing has circles and anything to do with nav. doesn't.

The search the internet dialog has white on white text... tweaking needed there :)

Other than that I can just say I like how little space it takes up.

PS The incremental reflows are cool, although I have a hard time scrolling the page while its happening. I guess that will come with time.