Whatever Happened to the Netscape Hype?

Monday September 21st, 1998

George Giannukos writes in with an interesting question:

"I remember those days when Netscape's servers would be overwhelmed with traffic of people trying to get their copy of the newest most popular application on the net.

Nowadays you see Netscape doing all these little updates with small enhancements...

So I guess my question is, 'Why is this happening and do ya'll think Netscape 5.0 will stop this trend?'"

#4 Re:Whatever Happened to the Netscape Hype?

by Joe Drew <>

Tuesday September 22nd, 1998 6:28 PM

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As for configurable toolbars, look at the URL <> - this defines the 'chrome' spec of Netscape, completely configurable toolbars, and, indeed, 'look-and-feel' to a great deal. There should also be skins support. Not bad, eh?