Whatever Happened to the Netscape Hype?

Monday September 21st, 1998

George Giannukos writes in with an interesting question:

"I remember those days when Netscape's servers would be overwhelmed with traffic of people trying to get their copy of the newest most popular application on the net.

Nowadays you see Netscape doing all these little updates with small enhancements...

So I guess my question is, 'Why is this happening and do ya'll think Netscape 5.0 will stop this trend?'"

#1 Re:Whatever Happened to the Netscape Hype?

by George Giannukos <>

Tuesday September 22nd, 1998 2:52 PM

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here are some cool features i would like to see in N5.0


I think to get people excited Netscape needs to drop the apps people dont want (AOLIM, composer, ect..) and add a download manager, better FTP support, stability, speed. I for one would like to see Netscape split all their apps into different programs and allow you to chose whether you want to download Messenger or Composer instead of being forced to download it.

I think surfing an FTP should look and feel the same way it does when you surf though your computer. So you would open and close windows in a daughter window inside the Netscape browser? Also Netscape should ask AOL to see if they can boundled ICQ with Netscape and maybe integrate it…

Here are some ideas I have for ICQ. Netscape redo the interface and give it a more slick interface. Second add voice communications and third integrate ICQ with Navigator. An idea I have is say when you goto a site you could hit the "N" button in the top-right hand corner and it will drop down and tell you everyone else viewing that page in real-time. You could also join a chat room or msg people. 1.) this would give Netscape an advantage in that only a ICQ/Netscape program could join the chat room and icq would be lots better integrated. This would be just one more reason to use Netscape instead of IE. Anyways, Microsoft is making their own instant messenger program that will probably suck, which no one will use. 2.) Also everyone knows the mailto:emailaddress…..Maybe Netscape could add icqto:UIN# and then you clicked on it, it would open icq…

I guess webmasters would have to put some sort of Java or CGI to keep track of all the users on the site so people could talk and see who else is interested in the same stuff in real-time…

oh, ya could NN use MMX any way? Maybe to load java faster or open up faster? I guess if you dont like ICQ then you probably didn't like some of my ideas, oh, well...

what do ya’ll think? I think those are features that could get people excited? Any other ideas?