Talkback Now Threaded

Thursday July 8th, 1999

Our forums are now threaded. You can still view in "flat mode" if you like. Just choose it from the drop-down menu above the forum and click submit, and all forums you view will be in "flat mode" until you switch back (by choosing "threaded" from the drop-down menu).

#9 Flat mode still Rules!

by Cynic

Friday July 9th, 1999 2:58 AM

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Cunning idea, and it's good that you can view it in flat mode. IMHO, though, flat mode is still the best, that way you can read people's followups without deciding on the merits of their arguments because of the title they've chosen.

-=Yusuf=-, Flat-Mode-Advocates Inc.

PS did anyone understand that post about this feature giving you more control than IE??