Guide to Updating Extensions for Firefox PR/Thunderbird 0.8 Available

Wednesday August 18th, 2004

Ben Goodger writes: "Very soon now the update service for Extensions hosted by will be turned on, and we will increase the compatibility number for Extensions to 0.10 (the Firefox 1.0 Preview Release). When we do this, all installed Extensions installed with maxVersion set for Firefox to 0.9 and maxVersion set for Thunderbird to 0.7 will be disabled to prevent compatibility issues. If your extension or theme still works and has no compatibility problems with the nightly builds, please look at the guide for updating to 1.0PR (this also applies to Thunderbird 0.8) for information about how to get to contain the newer compatibility information. If your extension or theme is incompatible, the guide also has information on how to provide a newer XPI or JAR file. Finally, people not hosted by but who use the custom RDF update system should also check out the guide as it provides links that explain changes to the RDF format since 0.9."

#2 get userfriendly as well...

by andkon <>

Wednesday August 18th, 2004 7:28 PM

You are replying to this message is wholly UNuserfriendly with its myriad categories that do little to distinguish between enduser and developer extensions.

Also, why is the "Featured Firefox Extension" Firesomething?? That's plenty of proof that whoever is doing the update site doesn't take anybody but die-hard Mozillians seriously.

A list of the top 25 or so most enduser oriented extensions need to be highlighted while the rest need to be swept under the rug using links at the bottom of the page marked "Extensions for Advanced Users" (as I recommended in my latest essay).