JWZ Resigns

Thursday April 1st, 1999

It is a bittersweet day for the Mozilla community, as while the first anniversary party for Mozilla is on going, is reporting, and Jamie Zawinski has confirmed, that he is leaving AOL/Netscape, as well as the Mozilla Organization.

This comes as a blow, as Jamie was one of the key leaders of, and brought about its formation in the first place. Jamie will be missed, and we wish him luck.

#71 Re:JWZ Resigns

by Kovu <>

Sunday April 4th, 1999 11:38 AM

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Hallelujah my brothers(sisters?)! That anyone would consider AOL stupid enough to let Mozilla croak is silly--won't happen! All of AOL and Sun's future plans involve getting Moz/NS 5.0 out this year--it will happen. Check out the new sced--it's a good possibility to have a beta (not a Microsoft beta, a real beta) out by JUNE 20th! That's two and half months! This thing is growing like mad, I for one can hardly wait.