JWZ Resigns

Thursday April 1st, 1999

It is a bittersweet day for the Mozilla community, as while the first anniversary party for Mozilla is on going, is reporting, and Jamie Zawinski has confirmed, that he is leaving AOL/Netscape, as well as the Mozilla Organization.

This comes as a blow, as Jamie was one of the key leaders of, and brought about its formation in the first place. Jamie will be missed, and we wish him luck.

#53 Re:JWZ Resigns

by Kovu <>

Saturday April 3rd, 1999 9:51 AM

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Failure is not unthinkable, it's impossible. The project is obviously going to be finished one way or another with AOL's financial backing--they need it to be finished in the worst way.

To: greyghost--Doczilla is the perfect example of what you were saying. Someone has already taken Mozilla to their own level, and contributed back the codebase I believe. Also, on one of these threads I remember reading from someone who was employed specifically by his company to work on Mozilla. Workers from Intel are working on it as well, as well as HP and other companies who REALLY want this to happen.

To: Zontar... don't feel bad, I'm in your boat as well. I figure if I can't do anything else I can d/l the builds and come here and be a cheerleader. I am just sick of people coming here and bashing Moz when it's finally so close to fruition. That's like coming to someone's birthday party and taking a dump on their floor--and that's exactly what JZ did by timing it so, so I don't have much sympathy for him, or any others. With friends like them, Moz hardly need enemies.