JWZ Resigns

Thursday April 1st, 1999

It is a bittersweet day for the Mozilla community, as while the first anniversary party for Mozilla is on going, is reporting, and Jamie Zawinski has confirmed, that he is leaving AOL/Netscape, as well as the Mozilla Organization.

This comes as a blow, as Jamie was one of the key leaders of, and brought about its formation in the first place. Jamie will be missed, and we wish him luck.

#52 Re:JWZ Resigns

by Shashi Narain <>

Saturday April 3rd, 1999 8:03 AM

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To Jarr & his fellow pessimists,

Please crawl back under the rock from which you came out of!!! We already have enough shit to deal with without you people bitching and whining. Instead of bellyaching, why don't you head over to and see if you can contribute in any way.

As a Web Designer, I have spent in excess of 2000 hours writing test pages that would put Mozilla "through the wringer". As a result of this, I have filed over 40 bugs into Bugzilla. If this constitutes me as a "luser", according to Jarr, then I am damned proud to be one!!!

One last note...since you people will be the ultimate beneficiaries of the hard work put in by me and my fellow Lizardmen, please have some respect for us.

To my brothers in arms,

Jamie's resignation is a blow to us. But please remeber that the Mozilla Project is larger than any one individual. He will be missed, but the project will continue. There are many , many people out there who are counting on us to succeed. Failure is not an option because, as MozAdmin stated so eloquently, the alternative is unthinkable.

Keep the faith...