JWZ Resigns

Thursday April 1st, 1999

It is a bittersweet day for the Mozilla community, as while the first anniversary party for Mozilla is on going, is reporting, and Jamie Zawinski has confirmed, that he is leaving AOL/Netscape, as well as the Mozilla Organization.

This comes as a blow, as Jamie was one of the key leaders of, and brought about its formation in the first place. Jamie will be missed, and we wish him luck.

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by kerz <>

Saturday April 3rd, 1999 1:03 AM

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Folks, I want to remind you to keep your comments friendly! I fully understand that this is/will be a big issue, but just keep it clean. Thanks!

Anyways, I feel that Jamie quitting is a large loss, in the fact that he was a somewhat well known (on the net at least) person, who happened to be the voice of Mozilla. I don't believe that he was happy to find the project had dumped mozClassic and moved to NGL, and that they had dumped Motif and moved to GTK on Linux. He did little, if any, coding on NGL/Gecko, and seemed to be slowly disappearing anyways.

It is disappointing to see him leave in the fashion that he did, biting the hand that fed him well for four years, and attempting to rip apart what he created. He acted in an immature way, basically stating, if it didn't, and won't work for me, then it won't work for anyone.

While this, and the other departures from AOL/Netscape are very sad, we have much to look forward too. We now have an awsome browser, which gets better daily, a mail client which is much better than the various mozClassic mail attempts, and above all, it has support for all the latest standards. While many have doubted the project lately, it is quickly picking up momentum, and I believe that once more people see how well Mozilla is shaping up, everything from bug reporting to code contribution will pick up. Life is good right now, and it will only get better.

Jason Kersey mozAdmin 2