Mozilla 1.5 ActiveX Control Released

Sunday November 23rd, 2003

Daniel Wang wrote in to tell us that Adam Lock of the Mozilla ActiveX Project has released version 1.5 of the Mozilla ActiveX Control, which allows developers to embed Gecko into applications in much the same way that they can embed Internet Explorer. The control supports most of the API of the IE control for easy porting. The Mozilla 1.5 ActiveX Control can be downloaded from

#8 Ok, found out why

by leafdigital

Monday November 24th, 2003 5:24 AM

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My app doesn't work with the patch because I used an AtlAxWin with the named program string "Shell.Explorer" instead of the class ID.

I recompiled it using "Mozilla.Browser" (longer text, so not possible to patch for it), but this caused it to still use IE (it did try to go to <http://mozilla.browser/> though, very helpful). Finally I recompiled with the classID in there instead, curly brackets and all. I think this probably did 'work' (as in, cause it to use Mozilla instead of IE) as my app promptly crashed as soon as the browser was created, which it doesn't do with IE. Oh well. :) I was only trying it out of idle curiosity anyhow.