Zulu Layout Engine Combines XUL and Flash

Thursday November 20th, 2003

Daniel Glazman wrote in to tell us about Zulu, a tool for creating Flash user interfaces using a modified version of XUL. The Zulu site features some tutorials, which include working examples. An alpha version of Zulu Web Edition is available for download.

#3 XUL News Wire Stories About Macromedia "XUL"

by geraldb

Friday November 21st, 2003 8:10 AM

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Allow me to hightlight two XUL News Wire stories about the XUL-like Macromedia markup language to create rich UIs using XML.

* Macromedia XUL (= MXML - Macromedia FleX Markup Language) Now Live online @ <…omp.lang.xul.announce/156>

* Macromedia XUL Blogger Spotlight online @ <…omp.lang.xul.announce/158>

To wrap up the post allow me quote Macromedia employee Sean Neville:

I think the base Flex UI syntax is very similar to that of XUL. This is a good thing because I personally like that portion of XUL, and I'd certainly be interested in figuring out how we could give back to the XUL community, or if despite the other differences a lot of folks really do view this as a version of XUL and want that name applied in some extended form.