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Thursday October 9th, 2003

The latest set of status reports includes updates from QuickManager, Quote Colors, Sardine, Jazilla, HONcode, Mozedit and Camino. This will be the last set of independent status reports to be contributed by David Boswell, who is retiring after more than two years. Future updates will come from Brian King.

#1 QuickManager - well done

by leafdigital

Friday October 10th, 2003 2:19 AM

I just looked at the screenshots, but that seems like an excellent first stab at what really needs to be core functionality as part of the main preferences of both Firebird and Thunderbird.

Well done, it looks like a great proof of concept.


#2 Iconpacks and update for NeedleSearch 2.2

by haystack

Friday October 10th, 2003 7:04 AM

Just missed the update, so here it is:

NeedleSearch just released version 2.2.3. This release contains a few bugfixes of which one is a hotfix. So everybody is recommended to upgrade to the latest version.

NeedleSearch's main feature in version 2.2 is the multi field search option. You can now enter search terms in different fields of a search engine! This is handy when you are searching a phone directory for example. You can now type John Doe;New York and the NeedleSearch Toolbar will make sure all the information ends up in the right place.

There is no need to download a plugin for this: the included Auto-Adder will add the search engine of your choice to the pulldown on the spot! With or without support for multifield search.

#3 thanks!

by pcabellor

Friday October 10th, 2003 7:52 AM

Thanks David for your contribution during this two years and more recently to Mozilla Links newsletter!