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Wednesday September 24th, 2003

The latest set of status reports includes updates from Image Zoomer, Fast Component, EditCSS, WebLinks, MOJI, Firebird Help, Mozile, Bitflux Editor, Mozedit, jsBEEP, CardGames, Mycroft, QuickNote, NeedleSearch, Quick Reply and Mozex.

#1 key bindings

by CoffeeKing

Wednesday September 24th, 2003 3:27 PM

Is it possible to have vi key bindings in Mozedit or QuickNote? If not, the developers should consider it. Arrow keys are not very efficient when editing text.

#4 Sure

by jedbro

Wednesday September 24th, 2003 9:38 PM

Sure, could you give me some examples of what you would like?

#8 Re: Sure

by CoffeeKing

Thursday September 25th, 2003 6:53 AM

Just a basic means of navigating with the h,j,k, and l keys. H for left, j for down, k for up, and l for right. Use the escape key to switch between text insert mode and navigation mode. I don't know if a modal text app is the direction you would like. But the option to have it there would be nice.

#9 Re: Re: Sure

by buff

Thursday September 25th, 2003 9:18 AM

Okay, I will get the basic navigation commands in Mozedit before the final release of 0.1.1, which is about 3 weeks away. The more complicated key bindings will probably have to wait until 0.1.2. I will have to give some thought about the insert/text navigating mode. I am afraid if it is too much like emacs the Windows users will reject it. Possibly a dual mode with a preference to switch to emacs bindings would be the way to go.


#2 emacs style bindings in Mozedit

by buff

Wednesday September 24th, 2003 6:25 PM

I have been thinking about adding emacs style key bindings to Mozedit and possibly a UI to edit them. I have that on the roadmap for version 0.1.2 Can you email me a list of your favorite emacs bindings and I will try and get them in the next release.

-Mark (Mozedit Owner)

#3 wow

by asa

Wednesday September 24th, 2003 8:44 PM

Is it just me or was this a big week for updates. This seems like a much larger than usual crop of independent projects status update. It's encouraging to see more people getting the word out through these updates. Keep up the good work.


#5 Re: wow

by buff

Wednesday September 24th, 2003 9:40 PM

It really is encouraging. I feel like there is a good vibe going on the web and in the newsgroups about Mozilla projects and Mozilla Firebird. It is kind of exciting so much activity and sharing of ideas are going on. The Phoenix/Firebird toolkit really is a sweet thing. It is so easy to edit a menu or move parts of a UI around in XML and the responsiveness is nice now. I do all my work on a linux box and it is really nice to reboot in Windows mode and test out the very same applications with just a few tweaks to the paths to account for file system differences. It is a web application developer's dream come true.

#6 Check out MADBird

by GuruJ

Wednesday September 24th, 2003 9:59 PM

Well, for all those application developers out there -- a few of us MADdies (Mozilla Application Developers) are working on creating a version of Mozilla specifically tailored towards developers.

Although the scope of the project is still being determined, the aim is to 'distribute a stable, easy to use, application platform that can enable the widest developer and user base'.

If anyone is interested in helping out, subscribe to the mailing list at and join the discussion!

#7 Oops, the MultiZilla Status Update was missing...

by bugs4hj

Thursday September 25th, 2003 1:56 AM

The status update for MultiZilla was missing because David simply forgot to add it, so here we go: