Galeon Developers Interview

Saturday July 26th, 2003

The Galeon site is carrying an interview with some of the Galeon developers. Galeon is a Mozilla-based browser for the GNOME desktop environment. Slashdot has a discussion about the interview.

#1 No RPMs for latest stable Galeon ?

by rkl

Saturday July 26th, 2003 4:59 PM

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There's a real problem when RPMs of a stable release of Mozilla (1.4 in this case) come out and there's no matching RPMs for the equivalent Galeon release (1.2.11) - Galeon depends on particular Mozilla releases and if you keep an old Galeon RPM on your system, you *cannot* upgrade to the latest Mozilla RPM. If you're managing many Linux desktop machines like I am, a .tar.gz doesn't cut it for package management I'm afraid.

The situation is worse this time around, because the Red Hat 8.0 RPMs at <…t_8x_RPMS/gtk2/RPMS/i386/> appeared for download on 1st July, but 4 weeks later and we still don't have RPMs for galeon 1.2.11, which reinforces the impression that the Galeon project is stalling somewhat.

With Red Hat abandoning Galeon in their next release, GNOME choosing Epiphany over Galeon as the default GNOME browser and the failure of the Galeon team to release RPMs almost a month after Mozilla 1.4 RPMs were available, I finally decided to delete galeon off our desktop systems because it was hindering our move to Mozilla 1.4. I don't think any of our users ran it anyway (some of them asked what the heck it was :-) ) - as long as your machine has a decent spec (Pentium 3+, 500Mhz+, 256MB+ RAM), Mozilla runs perfectly fine for us.