Mozilla 1.4 Release Candidate 2 Out

Wednesday June 18th, 2003

The second release candidate of Mozilla 1.4 is now available for download. Read the Mozilla 1.4 RC 2 Release Notes for more information and get a build from the Releases page or directly from the mozilla1.4rc2 directory on

#23 Are there expectations for Mozilla going mainstrea

by pcabellor

Thursday June 19th, 2003 12:01 PM

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I have reviewd sevral times the Mozilla Mission Statement webpage, but, and this is another concern, I can't find anything similar to what a mission should be. A mission should follow a vision, which is also missing in I would expect some kind of vision like: "a web browsing experience absolutely intuitive, technically transparent, and efficient" as an example. Or "a standardards based web" , or something like that.

A mission will folow, somthing like: "to build the browser", "to promote those standards by providing a feature rich and W3C compliant browser", or similar.

It's just my opinion but "write code" or "build a web site" doesn't seem like a mission.

I know that for some people and mainly developers, a product seems to be just as good as the code is. But this in not true, or at least incomplete, in the competitive world Mozilla exists.

For what I've seen, Mozilla is indeed capable of saying "we are doing this". The best example is the new roadmap. So it is completely possible to say "we are making Mozilla consumer-oriented" because this, as far as I can see and would appreciate to see different opinions, doesn't have to be opposed to "developer-oriented". Of course it is signficantly more difficult to build a consumer oriented product, but versions (dev and consumer) don't have to be synchronized. For example, right now a task group may be working in a consumer oriented Mozilla 1.3, while 1.4 keeps going. This would be working on issues known and overlooked on developer edition, but could be a show-stopper for consumers.

Is Netscape supposed to be this consumer oriented Mozilla? Maybe, but probably it is more AOL-oriented (obviously).

So, to put it simple, where do you see Mozilla, five years from here? As a niche browser, the browser king, the "other" browser?

Why did Linux went mainstream (at least in the server market)? What is happening to Why?

Mozilla can be a good browser or it can be the browser that changed the web and users' experience.

I am completely off topic now, sorry about that. Sincerely.