Full Article Attached Major Roadmap Update Centers Around Phoenix, Thunderbird; 1.4 Branch to Replace 1.0; Changes Planned for Module Ownership Model

Wednesday April 2nd, 2003

In the most radical change to the Mozilla project since the late 1998 decision to rewrite much of the code, today announced a major new roadmap proposal that will see Phoenix and Thunderbird (also known as Minotaur) becoming the focus of future development. According to the roadmap, 1.4 is likely to be the last milestone of the traditional Mozilla suite and the 1.4 branch will replace the 1.0 branch as the stable development path. is also proposing changes to the module ownership model including a move towards stronger leadership and the removal of mandatory super-review in some cases. Please click the Full Article link to read the full analysis.

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by eflorac

Thursday April 3rd, 2003 3:06 AM

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Actually I thought for a very long time that browser-mail-news-composer-kitchen sink was THE RIGHT THING. I used Netscape Communicator until it became unbearably slow, crashy, and not compatible with 50% of the web: until the end of 2000. Then I switched to separate apps for web/mail/news and... well, actually that's good.

I switch to Mozilla (as a browser) when it became stable enough for my use (12 hours a day) at 0.98 and used it until I discovered Phoenix 0.5...

Well right now I launch Moz only once in a while for composer or DOM inspector.... Many useful features are in Phoenix tha mozilla missed; Phoenix is way faster; it doesn't gobble up tons of RAM; and it's not crashy though the 0.5 number was quite frightening (remember Mozilla 0.5? Ph34r!)