Full Article Attached Major Roadmap Update Centers Around Phoenix, Thunderbird; 1.4 Branch to Replace 1.0; Changes Planned for Module Ownership Model

Wednesday April 2nd, 2003

In the most radical change to the Mozilla project since the late 1998 decision to rewrite much of the code, today announced a major new roadmap proposal that will see Phoenix and Thunderbird (also known as Minotaur) becoming the focus of future development. According to the roadmap, 1.4 is likely to be the last milestone of the traditional Mozilla suite and the 1.4 branch will replace the 1.0 branch as the stable development path. is also proposing changes to the module ownership model including a move towards stronger leadership and the removal of mandatory super-review in some cases. Please click the Full Article link to read the full analysis.

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by DJGM2002

Wednesday April 2nd, 2003 3:47 PM

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QUOTE - That said, what will Netscape do? - UNQUOTE - I think they'll take the seperate applications, browser, mail/news . . . etc, add the usual Netscape related end user combinations, but combine them all into a full Netscape suite. Whether they'll use seperate processes for each application within the suite or combine it as all one process, remains to be seen. Whether they'll switch to using the default Phoenix theme as their default theme, or stick to the bundled Modern/Classic combinations, again that remains to be seen. What I think Netscape should do, is both offer it's users the choice of full application suite, as it's more or less always been, and also offer the choice to download the browser, mail/news . . . etc applications seperately to each users preference, although this is unlikely.