Full Article Attached Extra Two Weeks Added to 1.3 Beta Cycle

Friday December 27th, 2002

Asa Dotzler has posted an update to the Mozilla 1.3 Beta schedule to netscape.public.mozilla.seamonkey. The target freeze date has been moved back two weeks to Tuesday 22nd January, shifting the ideal release date of Mozilla 1.3 to Thursday 21st February. See the updated Roadmap for more details.

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by bzbarsky

Saturday December 28th, 2002 8:33 PM

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"important changes" like:

"fix mispositioning of context menus" "fix crashes in the CSS Loader"

and so forth. We're not talking features here; just fixing of regression fallout from the alpha milestone. And the sudden realization in some quarters that a large fraction of the Mozilla community does not Mozilla work from early/mid-December to early January.