Full Article Attached Extra Two Weeks Added to 1.3 Beta Cycle

Friday December 27th, 2002

Asa Dotzler has posted an update to the Mozilla 1.3 Beta schedule to netscape.public.mozilla.seamonkey. The target freeze date has been moved back two weeks to Tuesday 22nd January, shifting the ideal release date of Mozilla 1.3 to Thursday 21st February. See the updated Roadmap for more details.

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by whiprush <>

Saturday December 28th, 2002 3:02 AM

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Always good to see the dev team prioritze by the readiness of the release vs. the timeline ... the way it should be. Moz has had strong releases since 1.0.

The anniversary of the 1.0.x branch is getting kinda close, I'm wondering what's plans are post-1.0? Will 1.4/1.5 or one of those milestones be tagged as 2.0 or as the new 'stable' branch? Will there be a 2.0 manifesto like there was for 1.0? or is looking to go to 2.0 in a different way? What are the goals for the next major Mozilla release? Tons of W3C recommendations have been released since 1.0, how do they fit with Mozilla releases, if at all? You guys woke them up with 1.0, surely your waiting for the coup-de-grace for 2.0?

Naturaly, we're all also wondering what the Phoenix team has to say in all of this. If something like a 2.0-type release is what is moving towards then sometime soon would be a good time to announce such a move? I for sure would like to see the same kind of freeze/maturation for a 2.0 branch that was involved with the 1.0.x series; that can only help the trunk.

Looking from the latest Red Hat beta, it's looking like RH is going with 1.2.x as the Mozilla browser to ship with RH 8.1 ... does this mean that the 1.0.x is getting too long in the tooth? Obviously us linux users have been drooling for blizzard's fine work to make it into the other linux distros (if your a linux user and haven't seen gtk2/xft2 mozilla then check it out) - and I'm sure that the Mac, Windows, and linux folks have been waiting for the spam filtering work to make it into mail/news in its full glory as well. Surely the team has been moving to a sweet 1.3 release ... I personally hope that the calendar will make it into 1.3, is this still the plan?

I think I speak for alot of people when I say that the post 1.0 period has been excellent, and maybe its time to stabilize the feature-set after 1.3/1.4 and give the trunk the same attention that it received prior to the 1.0 release?

Mozilla is already the best browser/internet suite/whatever in alot of people's eyes. Lots of people have made Mozilla what it is today, including the volunteers from the OSS community --, tell us where we're going , so we can test/debug/code, we've had the general idea where to go in the past, but we're there already ... where do we go now?

Where did we mess up? What can the mozilla users do to make it easier on the devs? (Look at the bugzilla and forum posts; yeah, noone wants to be Asa hey?); which platforms needs the most help? Did I bust my GTK2 build because I didn't read some README? Which builds have the most bugs? God, do I have to buy a Mac? I hope not - oh no, mpt hates me.... :) I'm calling Asa out on this since he's always been honest since the beginning ... if you could name 3 areas that needs help in, what would they be? Damnint, call us out .... gave us a bunch of free browsers on linux, get tough ... give us the whole "you wussies, help me!" speech .... either that, or just do the "you wussies!" speech by itself - don't be afraid to piss us off.

Mozilla is only as strong as its's users ... I'm sure most of the forum regular's will raise their hands when it comes to testing/debugging - where is going? and how can we help? Is mpt crazy? Surely _my_ default theme rules. Qute? Never heard of it.... Who's blake? Users? Code Rush? jwz? Nice hair. No. Phoenity rules; where's Mike from mozblog? sspitzer's blog sucks, etc. etc.


(bring on 1.3)