Ten Years Ago Today: Netscape Announces Free Communicator Source Code Release

Tuesday January 22nd, 2008

Today marks ten years since Netscape Communications Corporation announced its intention to release the source code of the then in-development Netscape Communicator 5.0, heralding the beginning of what would become the Mozilla project. At the same time, Netscape stopped charging for Netscape Navigator 4.0 and Netscape Communicator Standard Edition 4.0.

On Monday 23rd February 1998, was launched to coordinate development of the open-source code. The actual release of the Netscape Communicator 5.0 source code took place on Tuesday 31st March 1998.

Mitchell Baker, who has been involved with the Mozilla project from the outset, is asking for ideas of how to celebrate Mozilla's tenth anniversary year.

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by javaman67 <>

Wednesday February 6th, 2008 12:38 PM

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I bought this movie (Code Rush <>) about the team that released the open source code of Netscape to the Mozilla project. It's been a favorite movie to watch over the years. Get PBS to play it again as a 10 year celebration.