Mozilla Firefox Released with Fix for firefoxurl:// Exploit

Wednesday July 18th, 2007

Mozilla Firefox has been released and is currently being distributed to Firefox 2 users via the application's built-in software update system. The browser upgrade fixes several security bugs, which are detailed in the Firefox section of the Mozilla Foundation Security Advisories page.

Firefox includes a fix for the firefoxurl:// security exploit, which allows an attacker to use Microsoft Internet Explorer to trick Firefox into executing malicious code. Whether Firefox or IE is responsible for the flaw has been a matter of debate over the past week. The Mozilla Foundation security advisory about the firefoxurl:// issue maintains that it's a problem in IE and notes that other applications could be exploited in the same way. Others have argued that it's Firefox's responsibility to vet incoming data (something now does).

Firefox can be downloaded from the Firefox product page. The Firefox Release Notes contain more general information about the upgrade. A similar update for Mozilla Thunderbird is expected shortly.

#1 Clarification on the "argument"

by schapel

Wednesday July 18th, 2007 6:12 AM

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Just to clear the blame game up once and for all, both IE and Firefox are to blame. According to Thor Larholm:

"Internet Explorer and Firefox are both to blame. Firefox could have registered their URL protocol handler differently, for example with pure DDE, but IE is still to blame for not escaping (quote) characters."