Mozilla Thunderbird Released

Thursday July 12th, 2007

Mozilla Thunderbird was released on Thursday 14th June. This update to the Mozilla Corporation's mail client includes bug fixes but no new features. For the first time, this release of Thunderbird is available in Korean.

The Thunderbird section of the Mozilla Foundation Security Advisories page includes details about the security flaws fixed in this release while The Rumbling Edge has a complete Thunderbird changelog. More general details can be found in the Thunderbird Release Notes.

This is the first minor update to Thunderbird 2 since the launch of Thunderbird in April; the version number was selected to match that of the latest Mozilla Firefox release.

The older Thunderbird 1.5 will continue to be supported until Thursday 18th October this year. Thunderbird was released last month with the same security fixes as

While Thunderbird can be downloaded from the Thunderbird product page, most existing Thunderbird 2 users will have received it via the software update mechanism built in to the program.

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by FattMattP

Friday July 13th, 2007 6:00 PM

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We're complaining because people *do* submit stories but they are hardly ever posted. Instead we get excuses from the editors here that their submission queue is filled with spam. Yet they haven't bothered to fix the spam problem with a captcha or something (as far as I know) and we as readers are powerless to fix it for them. So we build up a little frustration that there's no recent news even though people are willing to submit it. As a long time Mozillazine reader this front page seems like a shadow of its former self. Only the really major news items get posted, which is better than nothing. I would love to see more Mozilla news but it's not worth submitting if it's not going to be posted. Less posts means less readership (I know I hardly come over here anymore) and it might be a chicken and egg problem now: Not many people to submit news because not many people are still reading. :-(