Air Mozilla Relaunches with Live Mitchell Baker Interview on Wednesday

Tuesday July 10th, 2007

The Air Mozilla video webcast will return on Wednesday 11th July when Mozilla Corporation CEO Mitchell Baker answers questions in a live interview. The broadcast will begin at 2:00pm Pacific Daylight Time (9:00pm UTC/GMT) and is scheduled to last one hour.

Asa Dotzler, who will be hosting the segment, has posted some details about the relaunch of Air Mozilla. According to his post, Mitchell will talk about the state of the Mozilla project and answer questions from the audience. Asa hopes that Air Mozilla will become a regular feature, growing to feature "not just interviews, but screencasts with tips and tricks, news segments, and other community generated content."

Viewers can watch the webcast at, which will require the Adobe Flash Player 9 plugin (available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X). A discussion will take place alongside the broadcast in the #airmozilla channel on During the show, viewers will be able to ask Mitchell questions by sending a message to the airmozilla user on either the AIM, Yahoo! Messenger or Google Talk networks. Questions can also be emailed to before or during the webcast.

Paul Kim has said that he is unhappy that the live Air Mozilla webcast will require the proprietary Flash Player. He has promised that the video will be made available in several formats after broadcast, including a recording encoded with the open Theora codec.

The first Air Mozilla webcast marked the launch of Mozilla Firefox 1.0 in late 2004.

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