Gran Paradiso Alpha 6 Available for Testing

Monday July 2nd, 2007

Gran Paradiso Alpha 6 is now available for testing. New features in this development milestone of Mozilla Firefox 3 include an upgraded SQLite engine, improved cookie performance, support for site-specific text size preference and various Gecko 1.9 bug fixes

Some of the changes in Alpha versions of Gecko 1.9 affect the web and platform compatibility of Gran Paradiso Alpha 6. For more details, refer to the Gecko 1.9 Changes affecting websites document, and the Firefox 3 for developers document.

Gran Paradiso Alpha 6 is intended for Web developers and the Mozilla testing community only, with regular end users strongly advised to stick with the stable Firefox 2 for now. Alpha releases of Firefox 3 are branded using the Gran Paradiso codename in an effort to discourage regular end users from downloading them.

The Gran Paradiso Alpha 6 Release Notes have more information and download links.

As per the Firefox 3 Schedule, Firefox 3 Beta 1 is schedule for the end of July and Beta 2 is set for September. Further betas and release candidates will be made available as necessary until the final launch of Firefox 3.

#2 Re: GTK theme HTML-form-controls on Linux!

by mvent2

Tuesday July 3rd, 2007 1:34 AM

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That's also what I'm thinking! I'm really surprised at how little fanfare it has received compared to Mac OS X getting the same luxury. I guess its because it was quietly added and wasn't part of the Fx3 schedule.