Major Update to Firefox 1.5 Rolled Out

Friday June 29th, 2007

Users of Mozilla Firefox have been offered a major update to Mozilla Firefox via the automatic update notification. As reported earlier, Mozilla Firefox is the last release from the Firefox 1.5 Branch.

As per the the ReleaseRoadmap policy, the previous release of Firefox (1.5 in this case) is supported for six months beyond the release of a major revision (2.0 in this case).

Mozilla Firefox can also be downloaded directly from the Firefox Product Page

#5 Re: New Version of Firefox - Firefox 2

by DFJustin

Friday June 29th, 2007 7:27 PM

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As to how Firefox 2 will be superior, see <http://en.http>://

1. Extensions and themes are third-party (that is, not produced by Mozilla) add-ons for Firefox. Extensions add some new functionality to the browser (or change existing functionality), and themes let you change the look of the Firefox user interface. There are hundreds of extensions and themes available at <> that do various things like block online ads or make the browser look cooler. Java Console is an extension.

2. Because there can be significant changes in how different versions of Firefox work, particularly "under the hood" (in areas that aren't directly visible to users), an extension or theme may work properly in one version of Firefox but not in another. For this reason, extensions and themes are labeled with the version numbers they have been tested to work properly on. The Java Console extension you have has not been labeled as having been tested with Firefox 2.0, therefore as a precautionary measure to avoid problems, Firefox will disable it as part of the upgrade process.

3. Java Console is apparently an extension that comes with Java. It's apparently automatically installed together with Java, but it's not actually necessary for Java to work correctly, so since it sounds like you don't use it (since you don't even know what it is), you have nothing to lose by letting Firefox disable it. It's basically Sun (the creator of Java)'s fault for installing it without asking and then not making sure it's kept up to date with Firefox releases. See the discussion at <http://forums.mozillazine…rg/viewtopic.php?t=532575>