Major Update to Firefox 1.5 Rolled Out

Friday June 29th, 2007

Users of Mozilla Firefox have been offered a major update to Mozilla Firefox via the automatic update notification. As reported earlier, Mozilla Firefox is the last release from the Firefox 1.5 Branch.

As per the the ReleaseRoadmap policy, the previous release of Firefox (1.5 in this case) is supported for six months beyond the release of a major revision (2.0 in this case).

Mozilla Firefox can also be downloaded directly from the Firefox Product Page

#11 Updating to FF2 (or not!)

by ajpaterson

Tuesday July 3rd, 2007 3:13 AM

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@rodrms: I am puzzled by your reaction as I cannot see how it affects you if I choose to stay with FF 1.5 . I know the potential risks of staying with the older version but I have good reasons not to upgrade so it is my choice to stay with FF 1.5 on some machines.

@psz: I have an old machine (400MHz Celeron, 128Mb RAM) running the latest version of DSL (Linux distro) which uses FF 1.0 . Each new version of Firefox is bigger and slower than its predecessor as more and more functionality is rolled into the core program. Add to that the fact that, in order to run later versions of Firefox, I would have to install much heavier GUI code and it would all slow that old machine to a crawl. As it is, Firefox 1.0 works well and is quick to load and run - in fact, it seems as fast as FF2 on my 2.4GHz Pentium 4 with 2Gb RAM!

@dennisozzee: People should be warned that, as some of the APIs (programming interfaces) available in FF 1.5 have been removed from FF 2, some extensions will not work at all in FF 2 and never will do (i.e. the words "until they are updated" should either be removed from the warning or changed to "unless they can be updated"). However, it sounds like you have not installed any extensions yourself so this will not affect you.

One question from me: As it is a major security feature offered by the other major Web browsers (IE and Opera), will the option to reject third party cookies ever be made to work and restored to Firefox?