Mozilla Thunderbird Released

Tuesday June 5th, 2007

Mozilla Thunderbird was released yesterday, offering stability and security updates to the Mozilla Corporation's mail client. This latest update replaces Thunderbird (the version number was skipped to keep up with Mozilla Firefox). The Mozilla Developer News weblog recommends that all Thunderbird 1.5 users upgrade.

The security fixes are detailed in the Thunderbird section of the Mozilla Foundation Security Advisories page. They include flaw in APOP authentication (which also affects the Mail & Newsgroups component of SeaMonkey) and a memory corruption bug (which also affects Firefox and SeaMonkey). The release of Thunderbird brings Thunderbird 1.5's security into line with that of Firefox, Firefox and SeaMonkey 1.1.2 and 1.0.9, all of which were released last week.

Thunderbird 1.5 was supplanted by Thunderbird 2 in April but 1.5 will continue to be supported with security and stability updates until Thursday 18th October this year. Support for the equivalent Firefox 1.5 release, which was replaced by Firefox 2 last October, is currently being phased out.

There has been no formal announcement of a new Thunderbird 2 update but there have been various references to a Thunderbird launch posted on the website, including several mentions in the security advisories relating to last week's releases. According to the Mozilla Wiki, the next Thunderbird Community Test Day will test release candidate builds. This will take place on Friday, suggesting that Thunderbird will be made available some time next week.

Thunderbird can be downloaded from the older Thunderbird releases page or via Thunderbird's built-in software update system. The Thunderbird Release Notes have more details.

#4 System tray notification of emails...

by simmerz

Thursday June 14th, 2007 11:32 AM

You are replying to this message still not available under Linux, even using the Open Desktop standard. Highly disappointed that this hasn't been implemented in such a long time on Linux and has been there since the start under Windows :(