Mozilla Firefox Release Candidate 3 Available

Wednesday May 16th, 2007

A third set of release candidate builds for the forthcoming Mozilla Firefox release are now available for testing. Testers can obtain these builds from the rc3 directory on Any problems discovered by users can be posted to Firefox Release Candidate 3 announcement on Currently in a pre-alpha state, the QMO site was launched last week to improve the community-based Mozilla quality assurance effort.

Firefox is likely to be released simultaneously with Firefox, which will be the final release of the 1.5.0.x line before the Mozilla Corporation ends official support. As reported earlier, support for Firefox 1.5 has already been extended to make it possible for the remaining 1.5 users to upgrade to the latest Firefox 2 release via the built-in software update system.

#6 Issue on FireFox

by rekharl

Tuesday June 19th, 2007 10:12 PM

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I have an application running on Mozilla Firefox 1.0.2. In an abstract, the application receives the button click from the user and issues the suitable command to the web server through socket calls.The functions for the button click events are defined using JavaScript. The above setup works fine on Mozilla Firefox 1.0.2 version. But when I upgraded my browser to, I started facing problems. I noticed that the request from the browser to the web server is not happening.And in the JavaScript console I get error messages for the defined functions. As a result of which I am not able to handle user requests. Please let me know if something has changed in the recent versions of Mozilla Firefox in the way it handles JavaScripts? Also are there any browser security issues which is preventing my application from communicating to Web server?

Thank you, Rekha