Mozilla Firefox Release Candidate 3 Available

Wednesday May 16th, 2007

A third set of release candidate builds for the forthcoming Mozilla Firefox release are now available for testing. Testers can obtain these builds from the rc3 directory on Any problems discovered by users can be posted to Firefox Release Candidate 3 announcement on Currently in a pre-alpha state, the QMO site was launched last week to improve the community-based Mozilla quality assurance effort.

Firefox is likely to be released simultaneously with Firefox, which will be the final release of the 1.5.0.x line before the Mozilla Corporation ends official support. As reported earlier, support for Firefox 1.5 has already been extended to make it possible for the remaining 1.5 users to upgrade to the latest Firefox 2 release via the built-in software update system.

#1 Startup time mozilla Firefox

by nordhaus <>

Tuesday May 22nd, 2007 5:13 AM

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Since I am using Firefox it takes an awful long time for this program to start up. I am also using Internet Explorer 7; this program starts up in a few seconds, Firefox takes as much as 5 minutes or more! How about your new version?