Preview Build of Mozilla Firefox with Mac OS X Native Form Controls Available

Tuesday May 15th, 2007

Josh Aas has announced the availability of a Mozilla Firefox preview build for Mac OS X with native form controls. The experimental build is currently only available for Intel-based Macs, though a PowerPC version is promised.

The lack of native Aqua-styled widgets for webpage form controls in the OS X edition of Firefox has been a source of complaint for many in the Mac community for a number of years. Josh hopes to be able to enable native form controls in the trunk builds of Firefox within the next few weeks, meaning that they should be included in the forthcoming Firefox 3.

The experimental build is a preview only and testers have been asked not to file bug reports for any issues they discover.

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by bzbarsky

Wednesday May 16th, 2007 9:47 AM

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> While firefox "simulates" theme, I believe Camino actually *use* native graphic stuff. So I think all those "native gui" > programs on Win/Mac/Linux still serve their purpose for who prefer completely "native" :).

You're talking about the app UI, where nothing is changing on the Firefox end. Josh's post is talking about HTML rendering. That's basically identical in Camino and Firefox; both will benefit from this change.