Raising Mozilla on Linux Runtime Requirements Proposed

Monday May 14th, 2007

Mike Connor has written a weblog post proposing raising the runtime requirements for Mozilla applications on Linux. Historically, Mozilla on Linux has had fairly conservative requirements, employing runtime checks and workarounds to support older libraries or work around known bugs. While this means that Mozilla applications will run on older Linux distributions, it has led to some compromises and ugly hacks in the Mozilla code, making it harder to maintain.

Mike has discussed the issue with Christopher Aillon of Red Hat and Alexander Sack of the Ubuntu project to create an updated list of Linux runtime requirements. Maintainers of older Linux distributions will be able to make the necessary changes to keep Mozilla working with older libraries themselves but the Mozilla Corporation will not ship or test builds for older platforms.

If Mike's proposals are accepted, the first version of Mozilla Firefox to ship with these higher requirements will be Firefox 3. This version of Firefox will also drop support for Windows 95, 98 and ME and raise the minimum required Mac OS X version from 10.2 to 10.3.9.

#1 Let's use some sense here, please?

by EyesOnly

Wednesday May 16th, 2007 10:43 AM

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The person(s) responsible for this need to be exercising a little more constraint in their cutting-off points with where they're drawing the line on what to accept and not accept as "modern" and "old". Sure! Go ahead and cut off support for RedHat 8.3. It came out in 2003. More than likely the vast majority of RedHat users have upgraded by now. (Granted, some may not have but you should think about it perhaps?)

However, where they're currently drawing the line? They're tending to cut off major new distros which have just rolled out the door! I'm a user of Mepis 6.5, itself based upon Ubuntu-Dapper [Debian], and with the runtimes they want to accept? I sure won't be running Firefox 3. So I'm supposed to change from a distro I like just to continue using Firefox---and quite possibly TBird? And where will all of this leave SeaMonkey since code is shared all around?

Of the FOUR modern, just-installed distros I run (one recently installed this week and is in beta!), according to the set-forth criteria NONE of them will run Mozilla Products in the very near future. Am I upset? You be the judge!