Gran Paradiso Alpha 4 Available for Testing

Friday April 27th, 2007

Gran Paradiso Alpha 4 is now available for testing. New features in this development milestone of Mozilla Firefox 3 include the FUEL JavaScript library for extension developers, a redesigned Page Info window, improvements to offline application support and Gecko 1.9 bug fixes.

Several Mac OS X additions have also been made, including support for Growl notifications, improvements to the Cocoa user interface and an initial version of the Breakpad crash reporting tool.

Gran Paradiso Alpha 4 is intended for Web developers and the Mozilla testing community only, with regular end users strongly advised to stick with the stable Firefox 2 for now. Alpha releases of Firefox 3 are branded using the Gran Paradiso codename in an effort to discourage regular end users from downloading them.

The Gran Paradiso Alpha 4 Release Notes have more information and download links.

The Firefox 3 Schedule calls for two further alpha releases in May and June. Firefox 3 Beta 1 is planned for July with Beta 2 set for September. Further betas and release candidates will be made available as necessary until the final launch of Firefox 3, expected by the end of the year.

Update: Growl support was removed from Gran Paradiso Alpha 4 at the last minute because it caused a crash on computers with Growl installed (see bug 378785). Thanks to Mook for the information.

#4 Re: Difference between GPa4 and Minefield?

by schapel

Saturday April 28th, 2007 7:08 AM

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Minefield is the name given to the nightly builds, which are released without any QA work above that needed to check in patches. Gran Paradiso is the name of a nightly build that went through additional QA testing before release <<…adiso_Alpha_4_pre-Testday>>. It's more useful to do QA tests on Minefield builds (although to be most useful you should download new builds often), and safer to use Gran Paradiso. Now that Minefield 3.0a5pre builds are out, you should test one of those builds to be most helpful.