Mozilla Thunderbird 2 Released

Wednesday April 18th, 2007

Scott MacGregor of Team Thunderbird writes in with news of the release of Mozilla Thunderbird 2: "Thunderbird 2 is now available for download on Windows, Mac and Linux in over 35 languages. Thunderbird 2 offers easy ways to manage and organize your email with message tags, advanced folder views, message history navigation, find as you type, and improved new mail alert notifications. Thunderbird 2 also includes a refreshed user interface and support for Microsoft Vista.

"Thunderbird 1.5.0.x users will be offered Thunderbird 2 via software update at a later date. Those wishing to upgrade now are therefore advised to download and install Thunderbird 2 manually.

"The Thunderbird 2 features page has more details about the new features in Thunderbird 2. The Thunderbird 2 Release Notes have more specific information. The Rumbling Edge has a list of notable bug fixes in Thunderbird 2.

"We also want to extend a huge thanks to everyone in the MozillaZine community for their help and support with Thunderbird 2 over the past year. We wouldn't have been able to release Thunderbird without you. A special thanks to the awesome forum moderators who spend so much time answering questions and to the folks who help organize and participate in our weekly test threads here at MozillaZine."

#13 Is it a XULRunner application?

by spage

Thursday April 19th, 2007 7:16 PM

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The (great) Rumbling Edge list of changes has a bunch of bugs fixed under "XULRunner". So is TB2 the first big app to ship as a XULRunner application??!??!!! I looked for a libxul.dll or any file with "xul" in it under \Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\ and didn't see anything.

My in-place upgrade over Thunderbird 1.5 worked fine and everything great so far; the excellent "Remove Duplicate Messages" is incompatible.

Are there any obsolete directories and files from TB 1.04 and TB 1.5 that I can or should remove, or does the installer clean them all up?