Netscape Browser 8.1.3 Released

Thursday April 12th, 2007

A security update for the Mozilla Firefox-based Netscape Browser 8 has been released. Netscape Browser 8.1.3 includes a variety of security fixes, with the Netscape Browser Security Alerts page stating that the release "includes Firefox security patches up through". However, the subsequent, and updates to Firefox all include security fixes (details on the Mozilla Foundation Security Advisories page) so it appears that this latest Netscape release has known security flaws.

The official Netscape Blog has an announcement about Netscape Browser 8.1.3, which recommends uninstalling any existing versions before updating (profile data will not be lost).

Netscape Browser 8.1.3 can be obtained from the Netscape Browser download page. An upgrade can also be initiated from within the Browser Update section of the Security Center component of the browser. There are a few more details in the Netscape Browser 8.1.3 Release Notes.

Earlier this year, Netscape announced that they are working on version 9 of the veteran browser.

#6 Re: Re: yargh

by justinmason

Saturday April 14th, 2007 11:14 PM

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hey look, its the funny man!

"How are we supposed to stay "positive" when these people at Netscape do everything, and anything, to embarrass us???!!!"

Can you please explain? I dont see where the mozilla community has been embarrassed by Netscape. Was it when they gave us (the mozilla community/foundation) the IP rights? Or maybe the cash funding? Or the huge enormous code base? :rolls eyes:

"HP, eMachines and every other computer maker would be better off giving Firefox to their users. If they did that, at least their customers would have something that was more secure & user-friendly."

Sure, agreed. But unfortunately in the _real_ world, those companies look for a product that 1) is supported and 2) has been funded by the parent company to be placed on the desktop. You don't really think any of those companies freely load that "TRY AOL NOW!" icon on your desk for free do you? The default desktop is expensive real estate and community based projects have had an enormously hard time trying to crack it with OEM vendors.

"If anybody needs to pull their heads out of their own ass, dude, it should be you, because it's WAAAAY up there!! (LOL!!)"

Darn, you really got me with that one. Next time though, how about you try some logical argumentation?