Netscape Browser 8.1.3 Released

Thursday April 12th, 2007

A security update for the Mozilla Firefox-based Netscape Browser 8 has been released. Netscape Browser 8.1.3 includes a variety of security fixes, with the Netscape Browser Security Alerts page stating that the release "includes Firefox security patches up through". However, the subsequent, and updates to Firefox all include security fixes (details on the Mozilla Foundation Security Advisories page) so it appears that this latest Netscape release has known security flaws.

The official Netscape Blog has an announcement about Netscape Browser 8.1.3, which recommends uninstalling any existing versions before updating (profile data will not be lost).

Netscape Browser 8.1.3 can be obtained from the Netscape Browser download page. An upgrade can also be initiated from within the Browser Update section of the Security Center component of the browser. There are a few more details in the Netscape Browser 8.1.3 Release Notes.

Earlier this year, Netscape announced that they are working on version 9 of the veteran browser.

#10 Re: Re: bleach!

by Lyx

Monday April 16th, 2007 2:08 PM

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"Not an argument against firefox, but a reality of how things are done in our profit driven marketplace."

This has nothing to do with profit-orientation. It has to do with parasitism. Corporations take the role of the active parasite(egoism) while the consumer is treated like the passive host(altruism). The corporation is the master, and the consumer the slave. This is what it is about. It is not a matter of profit, since there is also the option of mutualism - thus, the corporation makes profit with something, which is benefical (and therefore respectful) of the user. So, partnership.

Why should firefox - a browser which has since its beginning respected the user - support parasitism and abuse? By playing by their rules, firefox supports them and becomes like them, step by step. Thus, loosing the aspect which originally made it popular in the first place.e You dont change the world by becoming like everyone else.