Gran Paradiso Alpha 2 Released

Sunday February 11th, 2007

Gran Paradiso Alpha 2, an early developer milestone aimed at testers and web application developers, has been released. This is the second milestone released from the Gecko 1.9 branch. There are no significant user interface changes. Core layout and rendering changes include support for the Web Applications 1.0 API for changing stylesheets, ACID2 test compliance, and improvements in the Cairo graphics layer. As mentioned earlier, Gran Paradiso is the project codename for Firefox 3.

For more details, refer to Gran Paradiso Alpha 2 Release Notes.

#6 Re: Native Mac form widgets

by bzbarsky

Tuesday February 13th, 2007 8:01 AM

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No, that refers to the actual user interface.

The HTML form widgets might get better native theming in the next alpha, possibly.