SeaMonkey 1.1 Released

Thursday January 18th, 2007

Robert Kaiser writes: "SeaMonkey 1.1 is now available. Powered by the same engine as Firefox 2 and the upcoming Thunderbird 2, SeaMonkey 1.1 includes numerous enhancements including more visible security indicators in the browser, enhanced phishing detection for e-mail, a new tagging system for e-mail, support for multi-line tooltips, image preview in tab tooltips, inline spell checking in the browser, an updated version of ChatZilla and a significantly improved startup script on Linux."

For more information, refer to the SeaMonkey 1.1 Release Notes

#27 A few niggles

by Si6776

Tuesday January 23rd, 2007 9:23 AM

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Yes, that's what I was referring to. I think it seems to be blocking more now though, as some regular email I receive (from Yahoo Groups) always used to show all content, now it is blocked with the option to load. It's not a big deal, just an annoyance, because it's something that seems to have been put in, without the option to switch it off.

As for the dictionaries, it appeared to install the UK English dictionary, but the option then didn't appear in the actual spellchecker, until I unzipped the package and pasted it into the Dictionaries directory.