SeaMonkey 1.1 Released

Thursday January 18th, 2007

Robert Kaiser writes: "SeaMonkey 1.1 is now available. Powered by the same engine as Firefox 2 and the upcoming Thunderbird 2, SeaMonkey 1.1 includes numerous enhancements including more visible security indicators in the browser, enhanced phishing detection for e-mail, a new tagging system for e-mail, support for multi-line tooltips, image preview in tab tooltips, inline spell checking in the browser, an updated version of ChatZilla and a significantly improved startup script on Linux."

For more information, refer to the SeaMonkey 1.1 Release Notes

#14 Re: search box has some use

by moz777

Sunday January 21st, 2007 8:31 PM

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the motivation for the search box, as i see it, is for "newbie" users. As an experienced user, the mozilla/seamonkey implemention of search (location box/tab/search) is a natural fit for me. I believe the same type of search was implemented in FF hidden in about:config, but it wasn't the same when I tried it.

I'd personally, like to see native RSS support, but no biggy.