SeaMonkey 1.1 Released

Thursday January 18th, 2007

Robert Kaiser writes: "SeaMonkey 1.1 is now available. Powered by the same engine as Firefox 2 and the upcoming Thunderbird 2, SeaMonkey 1.1 includes numerous enhancements including more visible security indicators in the browser, enhanced phishing detection for e-mail, a new tagging system for e-mail, support for multi-line tooltips, image preview in tab tooltips, inline spell checking in the browser, an updated version of ChatZilla and a significantly improved startup script on Linux."

For more information, refer to the SeaMonkey 1.1 Release Notes

#12 search box has some use

by buff

Sunday January 21st, 2007 12:32 PM

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I wouldn't say the search box is useless. The fact that it exists in many modern browsers indicates people like it. There are some benefits actually in terms of usability. If you are just using the Seamonkey urlbar to run searches and you start to follow links you might have to type in your search query again. The search box doesn't change it allows the user to add to the query and rerun the search very quickly. The fact that people like the search box in Firefox and IE 7 says something about usability design. Not all features are designed for technical efficiency. Some feel right based on our past experiences.