Mozilla Thunderbird 2 Beta 1 Released

Thursday December 14th, 2006

Mozilla Thunderbird 2 Beta 1 has been released. Features new to Thunderbird 2 include message tags, folder views, session navigation history, a visual refresh of the theme, and improved new mail notification alerts.

Mozilla Thunderbird 2 Beta 1 is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Localized builds will be offered for beta 2, currently scheduled for January.

Feedback on the release is being collected in Mozillazine forums

For more information, refer to the Mozilla Thunderbird 2 Beta 1 Release Notes.

#4 Nice new features in Tbird 2

by neilparks1

Friday December 15th, 2006 6:10 AM

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One of the nice things about the new Tbird is that you can a variety of folder views. This is very helpful to users like me who have multiple email accounts and/or a large number of folders.

You can opt to display only folders that contain unread messages. You can designate foders as "favorites".and display only those folders. Or you can display only folders with recent activity--you opened that folder last time, or you moved a message to it, etc.

Set the right option and you never have to think about compacting your folders again. Tbird 2 will offer to do it automatically with no more prompts and nags. Works great--but why isn't it the defarult??

Another nice touch: Copy again or move again. While reading folder x, you moved a msg to folder y. A minute later you are reading another msg that you also want to move to folder y. You can do that with a keyborad shortcut or only 2 mouse clicks.