Mozilla Thunderbird 2 Beta 1 Released

Thursday December 14th, 2006

Mozilla Thunderbird 2 Beta 1 has been released. Features new to Thunderbird 2 include message tags, folder views, session navigation history, a visual refresh of the theme, and improved new mail notification alerts.

Mozilla Thunderbird 2 Beta 1 is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Localized builds will be offered for beta 2, currently scheduled for January.

Feedback on the release is being collected in Mozillazine forums

For more information, refer to the Mozilla Thunderbird 2 Beta 1 Release Notes.

#1 Tag in Thunderbird

by MvD

Thursday December 14th, 2006 10:56 PM

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As I understand Tb 2.0 implements tags. Anyone tried using Tb's implementation of tags? Is it any good.

Secondly, I was wonder if its possible (via extensions) to create a kind of IMAP style model between TB and gmail, but with tags. What I am thinking about is a system where the Gmails db and TB's db constantly keep in sync, but not simply with folders but with tags. So if say I add a certain tag to one of my emails via the web interface, the next time I load Tb, it will sync with Gmails db and a tag the local copy of the email appropriately.

PS Please don't suggest switching to a provider with imap support. I can't do that.