Gran Paradiso Alpha 1 Released

Friday December 8th, 2006

Gran Paradiso Alpha 1, an early developer milestone based on the Gecko 1.9 branch, has been released. Gran Paradiso, a mountain group located in Italy, is also the project codename for Firefox 3. There are no significant user interface changes. Core layout and rendering changes include use of Cairo as the default graphics library, use of Cocoa Widgets for MAC OSX builds and new SVG elements.

For more details, refer to Gran Paradiso Alpha 1 Release Notes.

#46 Speaking of SeaMonkey...

by zzpat

Wednesday January 3rd, 2007 4:21 PM

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I've switched almost entirely to SeaMonkey because it's faster than Firefox and it isn't a memory hog. Using Firefox with any other app slows my computer to a crawl and needless to say any brower that needs 100% of my resources to browse the Internet isn't worth it. I switched to Firefox because of its speed, then security, then its rendering of CSS. Now I use anything BUT Firefox.

I've also checked out Opera and after a little tinkering I find it more than acceptable. Plus it passes the Acid2 test with flying colors. The only reason I haven't switched to Opera is because it doesn't render some CSS correctly.

My point is simple; if Firefox 3 becomes a continuation of Firefox 2 in any way, shape or form, I won't be using it. I need many apps open at one time and FF2 simply makes that impossible.