Gran Paradiso Alpha 1 Released

Friday December 8th, 2006

Gran Paradiso Alpha 1, an early developer milestone based on the Gecko 1.9 branch, has been released. Gran Paradiso, a mountain group located in Italy, is also the project codename for Firefox 3. There are no significant user interface changes. Core layout and rendering changes include use of Cairo as the default graphics library, use of Cocoa Widgets for MAC OSX builds and new SVG elements.

For more details, refer to Gran Paradiso Alpha 1 Release Notes.

#19 Not by me :)

by leafdigital

Monday December 11th, 2006 5:06 AM

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But you don't have to accept a company's definitions for how its words should be pronounced (nor spelt, or we'd be writing PLAYSTATION in capitals all the time).

Personally I pronounce OS X as 'OS X' not 'OS 10', PNG as 'PNG' not 'ping', and am about 50/50 on whether it's 'SQL Server' or 'Sequel Server'. :)

I'd kind of like to try this release but it's a bit of a pain running multiple Firefoxes alongside each other so I'll probably wait for a beta or some such point where I know I can basically switch over to it, keeping the older one around only for testing.

(Oh, and Firefox? Pronounced 'Firefox', but abbreviated 'Ff' - a spluttering sound, or the musical symbol for 'very loud' - and certainly not 'Fx'.)