Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird Released

Wednesday November 8th, 2006

Security and Stability updates for Mozilla products based on the Gecko 1.8 branch have been released.

Firefox 1.5.0.x will be maintained with security and stability updates until April 2007. All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to Firefox 2.

For more information, refer to the Mozilla Firefox Release Notes and the Mozilla Thunderbird release notes.

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by krissilver

Friday November 10th, 2006 10:21 AM

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Well fair point and very well put racer. Regardless of circumstances its not ideal is it. Absolutely no users should be faced with the complicated picture that is; Firefox has auto updating, yet I'm on 1.5 and 2.0 has been out for 2 weeks now. That first of all is true, and is pretty bad. If wasn't able to update to 2.0 in the way wanted, well then that's bad planning, it should. The answer is not to crack on with issues, its to put the release date back to ensure everything including that is possible and compatible.

If Firefox truly has a simple auto update system to ensure users are on the same latest versions (both build, security, feature wise and more) then within days of a major release current users ESPECIALLY should be on it. I stand by that, and that some users are faced with; Do I have to A) wait fir auto update to eventually update me to latest version B) manually un-install Firefox 1.5 or C) install 2.0 right over 1.5, or D) something else? Simply not good.

Ajpaterson, what one deems basic functionality is opinion, and what one deems basic functionality that helps users and doesn't harm others, is opinion. Mozilla have the job of serving the majority, its build, feature set are tested on many, based on research in terms of what features actually benefit users and dont harm others, and they've done well. Anti phishing is essential protection, better tab controls very fundamental, spell checking helpful functionality that doesnt harm others. So rants on features you don't want as if they somehow harm you are deemed nearly 100% irrelevent, these features aren't harming you, and if you can't cope with a developing web and with it developing web browsers then hack away all those features if you insist. Firefox is safer, more stable, and takes little to nothing away to what 1.5 had. So in this regard I highly applaud Mozilla and a great release and developing a great browser for a developing web.