Adobe and Mozilla Foundation Announce Tamarin Project

Wednesday November 8th, 2006

The Mozilla Foundation and Adobe Systems Inc. have announced that Adobe has contributed source code for the virtual machine used in Adobe Flash Player to the Mozilla Foundation.

Adobe Flash Player 9 executes applications written in ActionScript 3.0, a programming language that is based on the ECMAScript language specification. Javascript, the scripting language developed by Netscape, and used in the Firefox web browser, is also based on the ECMAScript standard.

Mozilla Foundation will host a new open source project, called Tamarin, using the virtual machine code contributed by Adobe. Brendan Eich, author of Javascript, has written a weblog post welcoming Tamarin developers to Mozilla. Frank Hecker has written a detailed description of the Tamarin project. Mitchell Baker has written her thoughts on how Tamarin ties up with the goals of Mozilla.

#1 So, in essence, this means...

by BenoitRen

Thursday November 9th, 2006 10:33 AM

We get faster JavaScript thanks to Adobe's JVM (good), and Gecko will understand ActionScript natively (yuck).

#2 Re: So, in essence, this means...

by bzbarsky

Thursday November 9th, 2006 11:17 AM

Actually, I doubt Gecko will understand ActionScript. This is just the VM, not the ActionScript parser and bytecode compiler...