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Wednesday October 18th, 2006

Jay Patel writes: "The Mozilla QA team and community need a new home on the web (we still have, but it's a bit outdated and wikis just don't look pretty)... so we've started planning for QMO (

"Right now the site is a basic WordPress blog setup... but we hope to change that with the help of our community! We are looking for talented web designers and artists to help us design a WordPress tbheme and/or webpage templates that will transform QMO into a well designed, user friendly, and exciting website to visit. We hope QMO will give our users a central place to come to learn more about QA, work better together, and find new ways to get involved in the Mozilla community.

"I'm no artist, and I'm fairly new to WordPress, so I have failed miserably in trying to put a theme together myself. I did find one 'Firefox' theme, but it was based on Firefox 1.0 art and just didn't feel quite right for QMO. Please help us by coming up with fresh new designs and send your themes/templates to with 'QMO Theme' as the subject.

"More info about our plans for QMO can be found at It is the best place to keep notes and track progress as we work together to make QMO a reality! Please feel free to add your ideas there and comments there.

"If we decide to use your theme for QMO, you will be our first QMO Hall of Fame member and will receive a special gift from the Mozilla QA team. :-) Thanks for reading and start sending us some cool ideas. We look forward to seeing all of your great designs!"

#4 I don't like this move.

by BenoitRen

Friday October 20th, 2006 9:52 AM

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People who do QA should do QA instead of worrying about a website. Each project has a QA weblog anyway, so why make a new website when the old one is barely used? I don't think there's a new one.

From the mention of a tried Firefox theme, I'm worried that QA will be Firefoxified. Leave Firefox out of this. QA does all the projects, especially Gecko.