Sunbird and Lightning 0.3 Released

Thursday October 12th, 2006

Simon Paquet wrote in to inform us of the release of Sunbird 0.3 and Lightning 0.3, both of which are available immediately in 17 different locales from the project page.

Sunbird is a standalone calendar application, and Lightning is a calendar extension for Mozilla Thunderbird. For more information, read the Sunbird 0.3 Release Notes and Lightning 0.3 Release Notes.

#7 Sunbird 0.3 does not work even in safe mode

by rainerm

Thursday October 12th, 2006 6:32 PM

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I use Windows XP Pro. Sunbird 0.3 does not run on my computer, even in safe mode. I get the hourglass for a couple of seconds, no matter which way I try to run Sunbird, then nothing more happens. Sunbird 0.2 ran just fine - and, in fact, now that I have uninstalled Sunbird 0.3 and re-installed Sunbird 0.2, Sunbird 0.2 runs just fine again.

I note in the Sunbird 0.3 release notes that there is a comment about the potential for problems from Add-ons - and that if Sunbird 0.3 does not want to start, then one should run it in Safe Mode (which is available from the All Programs menu), find out what the source of the problem is, get rid of that, and then Sunbird should run in normal mode. In my case, that does not work because Sunbird won't start even in safe mode. The No Extensions option also does not start it.

I will note that the only extension that I remember installing in Sunbird 0.2 (which is the first version of Sunbird that I tried) is an extension that handles holidays - but then I also realized, once I had it installed, that I do not know how to get rid of it again if I want a different holiday file (I did look - found nothing). Can it be that Sunbird 0.3 is dying from something as simple as that? Even if so, how do I get rid of it? I went looking, even now again once I had Sunbird 0.2 installed again, and found no way to get rid of it - so I can't even try that and see if it will make a difference.

I will note that I also installed Lightning 0.3 in Thunderbird. It works fine. (I never did install Lightning 0.2 - since it was not really complete enough yet; I only installed Sunbird at the time to find out how it looks and nominally functions.) Now that both Lightning and Sunbird are truly functional, I wanted to check them both out. Is there maybe some interference from Lightning installed in Thunderbird? I did disable it (and then restarted Thunderbird) to see if that would make a difference - but it didn't.

Now I have Lightning 0.3 installed in Thunderbird and operating just fine (I enabled it again) and Sunbird 0.2 installed and operating just fine (both are running at the same time).

Note: I did power down and power up my computer at each important stage of the set of attempts that I just described - which also made no difference.