Mozilla Firefox 2 Release Candidate 1 Available for Testing

Wednesday September 27th, 2006

Mozilla Firefox 2 Release Candidate 1 is now available for download. This preview of the next version of Firefox browser is aimed at Web Application Developers, testers and early adopters.

For more information, refer to the Release Notes.

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by markob <>

Friday October 13th, 2006 9:07 AM

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To add another point about modal dialogs, the dependent flag is only one possible workaround that we now seem in danger of losing. It would be fine if we had full support for EITHER the 'dependent' flag or the 'modal' flag, but now we appear to have neither. Right now, the modal flag doesn't provide true "application modal" behavior, it simply provides a means of keeping a dialog window on top of the parent window, but fails to provide event capture, and therefore makes it possible for a normal user to access the underlying parent window while the modal dialog is active. That's very bad; the user can invoke other functions on the parent window or worse yet, close it, leaving the modal dialog window stranded without a context, and floating behind other windows (now that the dependent flag is in danger of being discontinued). Imagine something as simple as a date selection calendar popup window, in IE one line of code gives you a true modal dialog that remains above the parent form window and captures evens to prevent a user from doing anything else until the popup is closed. In Firefox, you can use with the modal flag to do the same thing, but the user is free to click on the parent window while the popup is active, and is free to close the parent leaving the dialog stranded or lost. Worse still, the lost copy then prevents the calendar popup from reappearing the next time the parent is opened and the dialog is invoked! It's imperative we start taking the importance of modal dialogs more seriously, it remains one of the key differentiators between IE and FireFox, despite all the other great application development features in FF. We were on the verge of making FireFox a supported option for our web based applications, with FF 2 moving backwards on modal dialog functionality, there's just no way.