Mozilla Firefox 2 Release Candidate 1 Available for Testing

Wednesday September 27th, 2006

Mozilla Firefox 2 Release Candidate 1 is now available for download. This preview of the next version of Firefox browser is aimed at Web Application Developers, testers and early adopters.

For more information, refer to the Release Notes.

#41 glowing buttons, Go button, tab contrast, tab list

by rainerm

Friday September 29th, 2006 3:30 PM

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At first when trying out beta 2, I thought the glowing buttons did not have enough contrast (against the bright background of the default theme). In RC1, the problem seems to have been solved by making the theme background darker. However, given the choice between a darker background and the lighter one, I would definitely prefer the lighter one. Going back to check out beta 2 again, I also came to think that the contrast on the glowing buttons is actually good enough, since it is noticeable. (By the way, I do like the fact that the New Tab button is a fully button again, rather than one that just goes down partially.)

The Go button. Some people apparently like to have it not be there at all. I like to have it on the left. (I also prefer the old look of the button to the new look). Is there any chance of going back to the way it is in v1.5?

I find the non-active tabs in RC1 to be rather dark. In v1.5, the active and non-active tabs are both bright (which I like), but have enough of a difference in color to be noticeable, and I also like the color bar across the top of the active tab (helps a lot). On the other hand, in beta 2, there was not enough of a contrast in color between the active and non-active tabs (and there was no color bar on the active tab, which did not help). The solution in RC1 seems to be to make the non-active tabs darker. Any chance of going back to the way it is in v1.5?

Doing that would probably make the glowing buttons harder to differentiate - but, as I noted, I suspect they are good enough anyway, contrary to my earlier sense of the situation.

I do like the close button on every tab - as long as there is a tab list that makes it possible to quickly and conveniently switch to a tab that is not on screen because of the need to have the tabs be larger than before, as a practical matter, when they get small, due to the real-estate that the close button takes up on each tab.