Mozilla Firefox 2 Release Candidate 1 Available for Testing

Wednesday September 27th, 2006

Mozilla Firefox 2 Release Candidate 1 is now available for download. This preview of the next version of Firefox browser is aimed at Web Application Developers, testers and early adopters.

For more information, refer to the Release Notes.

#30 Love it overall

by krissilver

Thursday September 28th, 2006 3:38 PM

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Great great release overall, some points...

1. Only accept cookies if from original domain, simply must remain, this is too crucial a security function to remove. 2. Back/Forwards - b2 corrected the long standing issue of the drop down seperator not showing upon hovering over it. Please correct this simple thing. 3. Bookmarks arent used by the majority of the web as per google research, so its clutter to the majority. 4. Go icon is basically a forwards button, it should be an enter arrow to make clear it has the same loading effect as enter. 5. Tabs minimum size should be bigger, and close buttons should remain on each tab. Changing this is un subtle and shows close on each tab as not working when it does it more usable mimimum tab sizes remain. Plus the more tabs there are, the more helpful and efficient a tab close on each tab is.